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CC9056 - Bluetooth Hands Free
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Bluetooth® hands-free car kit with MP3 playback and touch screen

Device functions

  • Touch screen - operation of the device using a touch-sensitive screen
  • Multipoint function - connect two mobile phones with the system simultaneously
  • Voice memo function - record telephone calls and leave behind instructions for other drivers
  • MP3-playback from mobile phone also possible via A2DP 1,2
  • Text display - display of text messages, e-mails or phone book entries
  • Automatic radio mute function - when calling
  • Display shows contacts, call log, battery level, reception quality, name of network provider and handset name1
  • Dial number - dial a known number from the available entries or enter a new number
  • Crystal-clear voice reproduction - via vehicle’s built-in sound system
  • MP3 playback from your mobile phone over your car’s hi-fi system 1 2
  • Automatic switch over to hands-free mode - when A2DP connection is active (depending on type of radio)
  • Search function -  for telephone book entries using up to four first letters
  • Colour schemes - different colour schemes for selection
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