Vodafone Automotive (Cobra) A4615 Vodafone Automotive A4615 Alarm  Cat 2 to 1 Upgrade Cambridgeshire
Vodafone Automotive A4615 Alarm - Cat 2 to 1 Upgrade
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The A4615 MH alarm series provides maximum installation flexibility, cutting fitting time by around 30 minutes thanks to wireless communication between the central unit and the siren. Fully compatible with a wide range of CAN bus protocols and can be used both for CAN and non CAN based vehicles, meaning this alarm system can be used for new and old caravans / motorhomes.

This antitheft system is the latest alarm system by Vodafone Automotive, with its easy to use features, via the original vehicle remote working seamlessly with the alarm

The approved Thatcham CAT 2-1 is recognised and approved by all insurance companies, driving your insurance down and giving you that extra confidence in the alarm system.

  • Vehicle Original Remote Control (PLIP)
  • Vehicle Original Remote Control (DOUBLE WIRE CAN)
  • Electronic Arming/Disarming via PIN Code (Push Button)
  • Category 2-1 (Vehicles with Approved Immobiliser)
  • High Power Wireless Battery Back- up Siren
  • Ultrasonic Volumetric Interior Protection
  • Perimetric Protection (door, bonnet, boot, etc)
  • Pager/Siren Output (Negative – alternating or continuous)
  • 2 Low Negative Wire CDL Control Including Total Closure (if fitted to the vehilce)


    Tilt & Motion sensor to detect jacking of vehicle or unauthorised movement, e.g. on to a low loader.

    Infrasonic pressure movement sensor suitable for Vans and LCVs to detect atmospheric changes, e.g. vehicle panels being cut.

    Driver Card - If the vehicle is started without a driver card present the car alarm will go off after 30 seconds. * Key cloning is a major problem for manufactures like BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, etc, because they have introduced keys which are wireless or fobs (where you insert a key and not like your normal vehilce keys where you insert and turn). The driver card is designed to be kept separate from the car keys/fobs.

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